Guiding Star

Guiding Star, a mentorship program for WBC scholarship winners, is part of the overall mission to provide education, mentoring and networking opportunities to young women who have been awarded with the WBC scholarship. This program is aimed at benefiting both mentor and mentee by fostering a safe and supportive environment where participants can question and reflect upon their education and professional choices as they relate to developing a career.

An integral component of the Guiding Star Mentoring Program involves the pairing of each scholarship award recipient with an experienced professional for the course of their four year college (beginning in June prior to the student’s freshman year).  During this time both the mentor and mentee establish a foundation for the relationship and explore the goals of the mentee. Mentors offer career guidance and share experiences which help prepare scholarship winners for interviews, internships, full-time employment and life after graduation. Incumbent mentors and mentees will participate in an introductory conference call in the summer to kick-off the program.

The WBC Mentoring Committee works closely with the WBC Internship and Jobs committee to assist the WBC scholarship winners in identifying and interviewing for internship and job opportunities at WBC member firms.  Once in the Mentoring Program, interns are supported by the Jobs Committee who work with WBC firms and members to create an annual Resume Book used to assist placing interns in Summer Internships and Full Time positions. The success of these efforts can be seen through the Scholarship Success Stories.

Further details about the Mentoring Program and information on how to become a mentor will be available in late Spring. A call for participation will be distributed to all WBC members following the Merit Award Dinner.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the WBC’s Guiding Star Mentoring Program.  Click here to access the application. Please complete entire application (e-signature is acceptable) and email to: Rosa Alaimo at and Nikita Airen at

Guiding Star Handbook April 2018
WBC Mentor Application 2018
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